From shades to lights, music to movies, we put it all at your fingertips.

Complete control. From anywhere in the world.  We help you manage all of your entertainment and technology needs with a simple app on your phone. Contact us to find out how.


Years of experience, distilled into a combination of reliability and ease of use. We use only the finest automation partners.


Single button control of all lighting inside, and outside of your home.


Lighting control puts energy savings and lighting management at the tip of your fingers. Access and control all aspects of your home’s lighting via your phone, wherever you are in the world, anytime, anywhere.


Provide privacy and control energy costs.


Shade control has moved from being a luxury to being a necessity. Control your energy costs and consumption by utilizing shades at key times and locations of your home. Automate your privacy in common and private areas, as well as outdoor areas. We carry a full line of architect and designer approved fabrics, that can be delivered on-time and on-budget for your project.


Immersive sound, in any room, indoor or out.


Incredible audio doesn’t have to be an eye sore. We use the latest in speaker technology to hide speakers, and showcase the audio. Architects and designers love our ability to design solutions that allow the beauty of your home to shine through, while at the same time allowing you to rock out!


Detailed video, without all the conventional clutter.


We install and design systems that deliver an immersive viewing experience while delivering clean lines and not a wire or cable in sight. We also design and install theater quality systems outdoors or any location you require, wet or dry.


Enterprise grade networking, security and WiFi.


Todays modern CEO, executive or business owner understand and knows the importance of reliable, secure data networks and network access. We design, install, and execute the installation of our trademark secure networks day in and day out. We ensure your privacy and security while on your home network, protecting your intellectual and financial data.


Remote monitoring saves time, money and headaches.


After traveling all day, or arriving at your home for ski season, the last thing you want is to come home to is no internet, cable boxes down, or a media room that isn’t working. We remotely monitor, manage and fix any problems that arise, usually even before you know there is a problem. Using our trademark management system, we can remotely fix 95% of all problems, without even rolling a truck, and usually within the hour.


A proper installation, requires a proper design and prewire.


Technology is constantly evolving, so we design, document and install wiring that allows for future expansion of your home for decades to come. Fiber optic cable, along with the proper category cabling is only half the story. Once installed, and before final paint touch up, each cable is individually tested to ensure not a single errant screw, nail or staple has found a home in our cabling.